Monday, June 4, 2007

Miss Paraguay Loves Indie Nudes

OK, that was a lie. As far as we know, Miss Paraguay, aka Maria Jose Maldonado Gomez, has not expressed her views about Indie Nudes. But WE love Indie Nudes. Why?

Because they posted a big, fat, honking link to Blu's Eyebrow Blog. That's why.

I hear you say, "What does this mean to me, the eyebrow consumer?" It means, my friends, two things:
  1. You must click this link to go visit Indie Nudes. It is a site filled with...well, filled with Indie Nudes.
  2. If Miss Paraguay contacts us to ask what she should do next, now that she has failed to win the Miss Universe pageant, we will instruct her to haul ass over to Indie Nudes' house and lay some Paraguayan lovin' on them.

Scroll-down disclaimer: My only connection with Indie Nudes is that they linked here. The end.

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