Monday, September 13, 2010

Tony Sailed Across the Bar

That's Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon (aka Lola). Not sure how old she was when the above photo was snapped, but times have changed. She is grooming the unibrow and the 'stache – oh, and she is blogging. That's a public thing, so although she's just 13, and we tend to shy away from underage brow, she is a public figure now. And we're not trashing her (her mom...well that's different).

One learned and sage blog we read said that Lourdes has the "required skills" to become an actress: "she plays piano and spends a lot of time enjoying fashion." Sounds right. And no matter what, she can't make a film more horrible or nauseating or embarrassing than her mother's Shanghai Surprise.

Here's a more recent photo, and we pondered this look for a long time. Ultimately, our overriding sentiment is that we're astonished at the sheer extent of those brows...they seem to go for miles.

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