Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Folded in the Center

These mid-1950s Playboy centerfolds have "a lot going on." Including eyebrows.

Here's Miss January 1956, Lily Turner, evidently engaged on the losing end of a strip-backgammon game:

In November of '56 Betty Blue had a smoke. You might think the weird thing is that she's wearing just a bed sheet. But I think it's weirder that she's accepting a light from an off-camera guy with very dirty hands. Maybe it's Jake Peavy.

By the way, we are pretty sure this is not the Betty Blue who freaks out in that French art film.

July 1955, Janet Pilgrim was showing off again (the answer to that trivia question about three-time centerfolds):

Unfair of her to make the butler stand in the corner back there.

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