Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And Now The News for Gangs

Yo yo yo! Blubrow is in da hizzouse with this story from the Associated Press. It's too stupid to even comment on, but here's an excerpt for your amusement:

Specially groomed eyebrows a headache at Oregon high school

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - A Portland high school is raising eyebrows with its brow grooming policy: shave 'em or go home.

Some students at Centennial High School have shaved vertical lines into their eyebrows in a trend recently made popular by hip-hop star Soulja Boy. School officials say the mark looks like a gang symbol.

Centennial administrators are telling students with the lines that they can't return to school until they shave their eyebrows off. Assistant Principal Mark Porterfield said the students are not suspended, but they are not allowed in school until they cooperate..."

Scroll-down comment even though I said I wouldn't comment: I think the school district should worry more about stuff going on in these photos, taken at Centennial High. Go Eagles!

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