Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something for....Us

We confess to being of what the French call, "a certain age." That is, we are old enough to have seen Devo in concert when they were..."fresh." Before there was Jocko Homo. When being a Spud Boy was patriotic.

Anyway, we have modeled our lives after the example set by the inimitable General Boy, and as a result, faithful contributor (and honorary Blubrow blog photo editor) Jonathan has provided us with the album cover from Devo's new album, Something for Everybody.

We don't care about everybody, we just want stuff for ourselves. And this will do nicely, thank you very much.

Scroll-down props: We also loved Booji Boy, just like a brother. Are we not men? But General Boy came to us in a dream and said, "Be like your ancestors. Or be different. It doesn't matter!" And then Booji became Boogie and it all went to hell. Look, just enjoy the eyebrows.

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