Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's Between Beauty and Fashion?

A long time ago we stopped clicking the "Next Blog" button on Blogger, because the results were always so disappointing. They are mostly blogs by people like this, selling cosmetics:

The blogs always have names like What Lachesis Thinks or What Kristel Sez.

Today, on a whim, we hit that sucker anyway and to our surprise found Alpha Blonde...
A yound lady named Aleksis (pictured in black, taking her own photo) writes about "Beauty. Fashion. And everything in between." We had a short water-cooler convo about what, exactly is in between, and came up with this answer:


Not sure if Aleksis would agree, but then, we're biased. In Aleksis's case, the brows seem reinforced with cosmetics, but that's ok because it's not always easy for blondes. In this case, we're all about the crazy shape. Of the brows, that is. Of course.

Anyway, kudos to her with the cruelty-free thing, and with the eyebrows. Maybe we'll hit that "Next Blog" button a little more often.

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