Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Reservations: Jennifer Connelly

Hang on. Time out. Is it possible that not only have we neglected to post a single photo of Jennifer Connelly, but that nobody has called us on it? What is wrong with the world!?

Let's right this wrong, right away! JC is appearing in an upcoming flick called Reservation Road. We don't get the plot - something about the guy from Gladiator running around looking serious. JC furrows that furry brow a lot, and cries sometimes. In one scene she runs and screams. This is all info gleaned from the trailer. Screen caps below.

JC pouts:

She runs and screams:

She cries a little:

She looks bedraggled:

And she struts her statuesque shelf. I mean, self:

Scroll-down while catching up:

We have a lot of Jennifer to review and more comments to make about her brows. Meanwhile, enjoy this while you wait.

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