Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eyebrows in Space: Seventeen Magazine Predicts the Future

Over at io9, a recent posting outlined how Seventeen Magazine predicted the future of space travel...for women and girls.

The predictions from 1953 peered two decades into the future! Among other things, they had this to say:
As an interplanetary tourist, you may use such cosmic cosmetics as Trans-Pact pressed powder, Semi-Stain lip and cheek color to overcome interplanetary pallor, Anti-Gravity hair control, Eye Fringe mascara, impervious to upper stratosphere moisture, Milky Way cleanser. All in plastic, in a kit touched with neon for making-up during dark spaces on the trip. . . . Headgear, a space helmet with painted eyebrows. SEVENTEEN’s Lunar Look issue, November 1973.
Lunar Look indeed. In reality, by 1973 NASA was already done with the moon and had moved on to trying to exile Alan Bean to Skylab II (Napoleonically, he found a way out, presaging the shenanigans of James Bond and Holly Goodhead in Moonraker six years later. But I digress.).

As for the "space helmet with painted eyebrows," we need a little help here. Huh? The eyebrows are painted (see above), but why? And isn't that head in a jar, like Hitler's brain?

Anyway, we much prefer the way things eventually turned out. Even if the astronaut is older than 17.

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